Thursday, October 2, 2014

I am chicken little and I'm watching TV

This blog is about everyday things and so today I'll start, again, with food. I don't cook much because, I am by myself right now and don't see the need when good food is cheap and plentyful. I usually eat at work and if I feel like it I pick something up on the way home. But I go grocery shopping almost every week for bread and fruit. The fruit here is so good and a there is a wide variety available. Occasionally I buy meat to prepare at home.
The shops I most frequently visit are Food Hall and Ranch Market. They are in the mall next door, and I'm sure that they are among the most expensive in town. Well, there is Kimchick's but that's in Pacific Plaza Mall where they have a Lamborghini, or maybe it was a McLaren dealer, on the first floor across from the BMW corner. which is just below the Diane von Fuerstenberg store. Anyway, I do grocery shop, just not there.
Ranch Market has people who offer you tastes, and last week there was a nice lady who offered me some chicken. It looked good and so I took one home. It came in a box and the bird was pre-wrapped in aluminum. At home I stuck it in the oven and then I heated it up. Yum, fresh chicken. When the timer went off, I unwrapped the bird and was presented with a skinny thing with the head not cut off. Oh, and there was a leg stuck in the breast cavity. Not a chicken leg, but the leg of the chicken.
And I lost my appetite, which is difficult because that just does not happen.
So I have to admit, rather sheepishly, that I threw the thing in the trash. I really did not want to eat it. This upset the cleaning guy  (I have a guy right now) to the point that he didn't take it the first day, and my trash sat there for an extra day.
tsk, tsk.....

About two years back I needed a new laptop and I found the 12 inch alienware to be my thing. It's small (12 inches, duh), powerful (lots of RAM and other Alien Stuff including a good video and audio card) and it comes with a back-lit keyboard that can change colors. I mean, what more can I want? (Well, last week I wanted a DVD player which it does not have, but that's not usually a problem) So, I love my Alienware laptop and that includes the compact size, but when I have to read 300 pages of documentation, I need something bigger than 12 inches. I checked into getting a computer monitor, but Jakarta is devoid of those relics of the past. You can buy phones in all sizes, laptops up to 19 inches, but when you ask for a monitor they look at you and wonder why you don't look like a gamer. I bought a printer instead and printed about 150 pages before the two cartridges gave up the ghost and then I printed the rest elsewhere. But I had already ordered an HDMI cable. You see, the Ascott gave me this awesome TV to use. It's a Samsung Smart TV, and it has like 17 different media inputs on the back, hdmi being one of them.

So this is my setup right now. 42" Samsung Smart TV in the background (playing 2CELLOS which you should absolutely hear), laptop on the table or my lap and the desktop is extended so I am actually playing the videos on the second monitor, which is the TV. The cable is a bit stiff and curls but other than that it's very workable. I kinda like it, although I'm not sure if reading is really an option. I'll see. It's a bit far. At the very least I can watch my own videos while doing whatever on my laptop as well. That way it's little brain finally gets a workout

I didn't spend that much money on it, and it turns out that it's probably a viable way to do my reading and my writing on one computer.

I like that. 

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