Saturday, September 13, 2014

Grocery shopping

To show what all you can get in Jakarta. We went to GrandLucky supermarket today to do our shopping. It was very nice. Since it's not in a mall, I didn't feel awkward wandering around without my hair and make up done, and the most of the prices weren't bad either.

This is a picture of the store at a magic moment where there were no other customers visible. It wasn't busy, but there were a fair number of people shopping while we were there. Jakarta is like many other large cities. People who don't work on weekends go shopping on Saturday afternoon. It gets really busy at all the malls in town if you venture out after noon. We went early, around nine, so it was not yet crazy-busy.

At about the third endcap, I saw the pop tarts. At around $4.50 a box not an everyday treat, but even so it's nice to know that you can get them here.
 Here is all the good stuff in a single section. Jif, Skippy, AND Nutella.

Another section in this row contained a good selection of chocolate sprinkles.
A little way down, I think it was with the baking goods, I found the chocolate sauce. Oh, and let's not forget the Log Cabin syrup. They also had real Canadian maple syrup. Our breakfast is covered.

I found that the spice section was well stocked. This is true for other grocery stores as well. Most stores have two varieties of spices: the expensive ones marketed for foreigners. This is usually the McCormick brand which only contains the English names for the spices. The other brand is an Indonesian brand that only contains the Indonesian names for the spices.

Today I discovered Koepoe Koepoe, which has the names written very clearly in both Indonesian and English. Oh, and the price is about 1/4th of the McCormick brand. A language and an economy lesson in one grocery isle.

The store had a electronics section with small household appliances. I don't cook much at home because I find it not rewarding for just me. I've been looking for a vegetable steamer and a rice cooker to make preparing meals more appealing (better results for less work) and today I found this cute little box. I noticed it because of its shape. It's not round. then I realized it's a rice cooker, and it does more than just cook rice. It's expensive for a rice cooker, but it cooks, warms, bakes, makes stew and it also steams vegetables. It's like a little magic box.
I didn't buy it because I wanted to check what the reviews were. People seem to like it and I may go back and get it. Toshiba has produced rice cookers since 1956 and they make really good ones, but the price makes me cringe especially since  I can get a rice cooker for about IDR200,000......

The fruit selection at GrandLucky was very nice. I found three variations of papaya and at least five different kinds of mangos. They also had a large display of greens so I am making curry with bok choi for dinner. I'm looking forward to that.

Back home I had a snack of Verkade Speculaas (windmill cookies) with Bandrek. I bought the Bandrek with the idea that when shopping in a new place you should buy something you have no idea about what it is. I figured out it was some kind of a drink since I found it in the tea section, but I could not figure out what exactly. One of my fellow shoppers helped me identify the three different kinds of sugar it contains. There are, allegedly, five serving in this packet, each to be mixed with 150ml of water. When I came home I made some tea and opened the Bandrek It smelled and tasted like spicy chai with sugar, so I mixed some of it into the tea. It completely dissolved and made for a nice spicy sweet tea. I think each 'serving' can mixed into 3 or 4 cups of tea and still taste nice.

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