Tuesday, August 12, 2014

I am presented with a blank page. That's scary. No wonder people post on Facebook......

I wanted to write about my walk last Saturday. If you've followed my Google page, you know that I made it to Jakarta and am now living here. Walking in Jakarta is problematic because of the lack of infrastructure and also because of the air pollution due to the heavy traffic. On the other hand, I really, really dislike walking on a treadmill. I know people do it, and I do it too, but when I can I avoid it. It's the lack of scenery and the fact that there are no surprises. Even if I pick the "surprise me" program, there is nothing like tripping over a dog or sudden road construction when you're running in the neighborhood.

I started the morning with a coffee and a chocolate croissant at
Starbucks. I'm all for eating local, but the croissants at the Indonesian bakery are not as flaky as they are in Paris, and Starbucks has consistent quality all around the world. It was enjoyable.

The temperature was in the low eighties and for a change it was not super-duper humid. I'm sure I'll get used to the humidity but not yet.
I crossed the Jalan M.H. Thamrin at the Pullman building and walked north. They are doing some major construction project that you can just see in picture. I don't know what they are building; maybe another bus lane? It's a mystery to me. The traffic at ten o'clock on a Saturday is not too bad. On a weekday this road is packed with five lanes of traffic each way. That's right, there are four lanes visible, but on a weekday traffic manages to squeeze out at least another lane.

The pedestrian overpass gets so much foot traffic that the stairs wear out. They need to be renewed frequently because the concrete wears out (I think).

One of my goals was to scout out restaurants that the kids would enjoy eating at. Jakarta has many interesting restaurants, but not always the kind that everybody in my family enjoys. So I looked for familiar brands and I found several. Indonesia has a large number of KFC restaurants, but I also found a Chili's. Of course there is McDonalds, but there is also a Dunkin' Donuts near my apartment, as well as a Burger King.

I also found a Pizza Hut on my walk. I had heard that there was one in the neighborhood, but didn't know it was this close to my apartment. Plenty of places to eat where the whole family can at least sit down and have some food that does not make them feel ill.

There is a large shopping center near my apartment and it has the largest Canna plants. They are so green and beautiful, it's hard to think of them as weeds. But they grow everywhere here and I imagine if you'd let them they'd overrun the garden they are in. I see people cut stuff here all the time, mostly plants that in St. Louis we nourish and spoil to keep alive. Here, it's just a roadside nuisance.

This is the pool at my apartment building. 

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