Thursday, September 3, 2009

Well, here I am again, playing Wizard 101. I choose a green wizard, and I like the green cards. I noticed some similarities with Magic: the gatherin. When I played MTG, green is what I like best. I started to see some similarities about 10 minutes into play tonight. Since I am not an online gamer (or a gamer at all, really) I am not familiar with most games, but this I like.
Back in the days I used to play Magic: the gathering as a computer game that was installed on my local computer and completely self contained. It was designed for 486 computers and when I bought a Pentium-90 the game characters started to run pretty fast. Once that hardware went beyond 100Mhz the game became unplayable. If you have no choice who to fight, you end up having to fight wizards far stronger than you most of the time.
But Wizard 101 is fun so far, and there are enough similarities that I can see playing this with my kids on the way to the 'real' thing. Plus, it's free.
Big plus.. :)

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