Saturday, August 22, 2009

The tooth fairy

I always wondered how the tooth fairy came to be. Terry Prattchett, in his Discworld books, kinda claims that there first is a belief and then the belief is embodied by a persona (a person? Whatever). Ok, so what's the belief in this case? You loose a tooth and then it gets picked up by a fairy. Why?
As Katherine lost teeth, she became a little uncomfortable with the idea of somebody else ending up with her teeth. At some point we watched the movie Hogfather and I think that did it. In the movie, the tooth fairy's home is shown with millions and millions of teeth in some sort of glass case which at some point are all destroyed. It's a very Johhny Depp-like scene and none of us liked it. After that, Katherine refused to let her teeth go to the tooth fairy.
Now that Christopher is loosing his teeth he does not want the tooth fairy to take his, either. So, I thought that we could put them all in the same box and they can be happy ever after in their pretty little wooden box. Except that when I opened the box, there were no more teeth.
So, I guess the tooth fairy really does come to pick up the teeth, whether you get the quarter or not.....

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Anonymous said...

I think that box was used as the under the pillow box last time, and the teeth are now somewhere else. I am pretty sure I can find them when I get back.