Friday, August 28, 2009

I have three HP printers and two HP laptops at home. I've been an HP fan for a long time. They always had the best tech support service and I've never before had any issues with any of the printers.

Two years ago, I bought a small consumer HP1018 laserprinter and immediately had issues installing the 78Mb bloatware driver. A few months later the computer announced that I had no printer installed at all. Since I could not find the CD right away, I downloaded the drivers from the HP site and re-installed. That did not work. During my chat session with tech support I was informed that my best bet was to uninstall all the HP printer software for that printer, reboot the computer and then reinstall the driver from the CD. That worked. Why the downloaded driver didn't work I never found out.

Next, our HP photo printer started to malfunction. One day there was a cryptic message number with the statement: call the HP service center. When Jim tried to do this, he was told that without paying $40 HP would not tell us what this message meant. Well then..... For us it meant that we no longer have a wireless printer to print to.

And the day before yesterday I finally was so tired of not being able to print from my laptop, that I finally figured out how to share the printers from the desktop and printed a document. I was able to print exactly One Single document. After that, my computer announced that I have no printers installed. So, here we go again.

I'm considering Dell for my next purchase....

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