Thursday, June 11, 2009

I typed this post a while ago, and then forgot to publish it. So, here it is.

It's been forever since I posted last। I've done more cropping than posting. I guess it's all in the same realm; a creative outlet for when the world becomes an unfriendly place.

Since it's been such a long time, I'll pretend time didn't pass and I'll simply blog about what happened recently. If you want the in-between stuff, you can request a copy of the calendar and we'll send you pictures and a story. Although we didn't send the story this year.

When Jim came back in the middle of December, I had lots of pictures and stories but everything was so busy with his coming home and the preparation for our trip to California that I didn't write the story. This year will be better.

I finally ordered Dutch passports for the kids. I want to register their births in Den Hague when we are there in a few weeks and I hope the passports are here by then. I am excited about having finished this task. It started in January with the request for birth certificates and our marriage license. For the Dutch government, a birth certificate is not a birth certificate unless it's fresh and crisp and cannot be 'older' than 6 months. So, I had to request them, then send them back to california for the apostille. The first time the birth certificates came back and when I called them on it they said that they were the wrong onese and the Dutch government wouldn't take them. So I requested new ones, waited, waited, waited, and finally got them and hurriedly send them to the State department in Cali for the apostille. The day I had all the paperwork was a happy one. The next step was to actually go to to the embassy and submit the requests for hte passports. When I thriple-checked on the BUZA website it turns out that you can turn in passport requests at ANY consulate. Hey, we've got one of those here, don't we? When I emailed the consul in St. Louis (yes, we have the oldest consulate in the US that is west of the Mississippi river) he wrote back that he could do but only for another week or so.

So we got the pictures in a hurry and met with the consul last Tuesday. And now the request is in process and all I can do is wait. I'm sure it will all go well and then we will start on the next exciting adventure.

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