Thursday, September 11, 2008

New School Year

I haven't blogged for three months. I guess the summer just got to me. The kids were in summer camp, and I felt like I was always running around after them. There never seemed to be an opportunity to blog.

But now the school year has started and they get up early and go to bed a little earlier and so I have my short free time back. And I played on wekinz world for the first time since several months, and I have my scrap book open with paper all over the table, and I wanted to blog again.

There are many adventures that we had this summer, but I will not dwell on what has been. Besides, I only have a little spare time, not a lot.

But two weeks ago, Ellie got here and we've been to Tan-Tar-A, and we went to the Kansas City Renaissance Fair.

Ellie brought pirate costumes for the kids, and don't they look awesome?

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