Sunday, September 21, 2008


The playset still hasn't lost its appeal, but the kids are now using it in different ways. Besides swinging and climbing, they have been using it as a construction site this summer.
It started out as two bald spots at the end of last winter. Christopher liked playing in it with water, and it grew into a single large bald spot.
Then, one afternoon I had filled the blue 5-gallon bladder with water because they had cut off the city water for repairs. After they were done and I had not used much of it all, I gave the rest to Christopher to play with.
Then he wanted to use the hose which I, foolishly, allowed.

Next thing, Aidan and Christopher are playing in the mud and making the hole really big. And then Katherine and Molly joined in and they all had lots of fun.

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Ellie said...

And then we got to clean them up, that was kinda fun to :o)