Sunday, September 21, 2008

Effects of Hurricane Ike in St. Louis

Hurricane Ike dropped 6 inches of water on St. Louis in a very short time. The drainage ditch behind our neighborhood does not usually overflow, but this Sunday it could not handle all the water. As we were driving to church, I noticed that the bridge at Laclede Station Road was about to overflow and they were just about to close the road. The water was roaring. When we came back a few hours later, it was pretty much over. The road was covered with mud and although the road was open again the water was still very high.

This is on a street close to our house. The mud was almost 4 feet high and the homes on that street had all been flooded. I saw somebody sweeping out his living room. I asked him if they were able to get all their stuff out and he said they'd had some warning so they were ok.

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diaan uit almere said...

Hoi die Margaret, hier een berichtje uit almere. Hoe is het daar met jullie? Wat leuk zeg al die foto's en verhalen. Hoe is het met jullie, alles weer ok?

Groetjes, diaan