Friday, September 26, 2008

Chopping wood

So, I've been looking at these wooden pieces of tree sitting in the backyard, next to the wood pile, killing the grass and attacting things like woodroaches and beetles and pillbugs. They're too big to lift them up onto the wood pile and it's been too hot for me to want to attack the chore of splitting it.

I've almost gotten used to the bugs, really. As long as you give them a bit of room they try to get away. Well, except for the one who tried to dig himself into the tree trunk when I started splitting the wood, I don't think he'll be the same anymore.

Anyway, I felt very energetic this afternoon, and I'd eaten pizza for lunch and promised the kids fish sticks for dinner so I needed to work off some calories. So, I decided to pick a big log and make it into firewood.

Here is the before. Note the size, it was about two feet in diameter. I put the wedges in and started smacking at them. Loo!!! It split.

Wow, I feel so proud. After splitting the trunk I then split off 'little' pieces, small enough for the fireplace. I hope. Once they fell off the trunk, they still seemed pretty large. The tricky part was to not let the trunk fall over once I'd chopped off some pieces. How does that work? I worked out that if I drove the wedges in partly so I had three almost-pieces I could whack to my heart's content while still maintaining stability. Then I'd give the final whack or two and break all three pieces at once.

Well, I feel very proud, I tell you. Only 4 more trunk pieces to go.....

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Ellie said...

Ja kijk, nu ga ik braaf iedere dag kijken, komt er niets nieuws! Ik ben heus benieuwd hoor en je man vast ook, zijn er toch al 2 die lezen 'grijns'.