Saturday, June 7, 2008

Get Well to Jim, Narnia, and "rain, rain, go away"

Jim emailed me earlier this week that his cold has turned into pneumonia and he's in bed, slurping antibiotics like there's no tomorrow. Since he didn't call today, I am assuming that he is still feeling bad and has not gotten up. If you read this, send him an email at his usual address. don't know if he'll read this, but I'm sure he'll enjoy any 'Get Well' messages you care to send.

Other than that, we're doing well. We're having a sleepover with the neighbor kids & they look very cute in the make-shift beds on the ground. I dragged a matras from the futon bed in to the kids' bedroom for them to sleep on and Katherine and Christopher are sleeping on top of the camping matress which is on top of the foam tiles. I don't know what their hips will feel llike in the morning, but mine are aching when I think about sleeping on a hardwood floor with not much padding.

Earlier today we saw Prince Caspian. In this Disney movie, it's not just the parents who bite the dust. Pretty much half the country does it seems. Not sure why it's PG, because the death count was very high, and all of them violent. You can't show a nipple around here for risk of a public outcry, but if it's a centaur you can hack him to pieces off screen as long as you don't show any blood onscreen. Grueling. The scene where they fail to take the castle and much of the army is trapped in the castle to be taken prisoner by a ruler who swore to bing them all to extinction brought tears to my eyes. I didn't find the movie enjoyable after that point. Maybe I'm being too sensitive when creatures that do not belong to my own culture are slaughtered in the name of some ideal that lives in the head of a young (or old) political figurehead. Or maybe they should not have made those scenes so prominent in the movie. The Chronicles are a good stories but I think this one was lost in the special effects.

And finally, we've been having so much rain here that I am starting to fear that we may float away. The compost heap is doing REALLY well since we're having 80-degree days with a lot of humidity. Here is a picture of the side of the house as it was this week. When there is this much water on that lawn (you can see that the water is about an inch or two above the lawn just above the date stamp), we get a lot of water in the basement too.

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