Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Broken arm

Last Wednesday Katherine had gymnastics. As usual, I hung out with Christopher in the hallway. He gets bored and so he takes several toys to play with. I like hovering around so he doesn't bump into the furniture or other people with his bigger cars. He has several that are quiete large, and the envy of the other little boys who are also hanging out waiting for their sisters to get done. On thursdays it's the other around where I hang out with Katherine while Christopher has gymnastics.

During the lesson I usually peek in a few times to see how they are doing. Katherine really enjoys having me look on. I'm not sure how Christopher feels about that; he's usually all over the place.

This week I wandered in a few minutes before 6 and found Katherine on a chair, surrounded by her teacher and classmates while holding her arm and crying. Oh-uh.... She had fallen off a bar and had hurt her arm. She was acting as if she was in a lot of pain. She's not usually very squeamish, so I was concerned. When my daughter says she has a lot of pain and doesn't stop crying to empazise that point, it's serious. I loaded her up in the car and called Tracy to ask if I could drop Christopher off on the way to the emergency room. Of course I could. I then called the doctor's exchange, and they hooked me up with the triage nurse at Children's who agreed that it was probably a good idea to come in and have it checked out. There was no waiting in the ER..... Wow. I was truly impressed. Of course if there had been more sick children the story would have been different, but there weren't and so we were wisked to a treatment room, X-ray department, and back to the treatment room in no time. We were home by 9:45. Katherine's arm was in a sling since the X-Rays were inconclusive until a radiologist could read them. But, doctor Iglesias said, they were treating it as if it were broken because you could never know.

The next day we went to see an orthopedic nurse practitioner (I hope the insurance will pay for that one....), and now Katherine is sporting a purty orange cast.

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