Thursday, May 22, 2008

Blogging like there is no last month..... More Trout Lodge

Once we returned from Trout Lodge last month, I didn't get the pictures developed, so I didn't blog. Ok, that was an excuse, but there you have it. Now the pictures are developed, and they're not that great. But I'm putting the nicer ones anyway because some turned out OK. Enjoy.

The dam at the end of Sunnen lake.

One of the activities at Trout Lodge is making your own rocket. Here you can see Christopher and Katherine in the process of gluing it together. Later on we went outside and launched the rockets. Christopher's landed nice and close to us, but Katherine had to look for hers all over the place.

The rooms at the hotel are nice, and very much geared towards families with kids. The carpet is thin on concrete, so it's easily cleaned, and the furniture stands up to abuse by little people.

The kids got to ride a pony. Christopher was tentative, but when he got off he said he had a good time and would do it again. It doesn't look that way on the picture, does it? Katherine was smiling the whole way.

Finally we also played night-golf. The mini golf course was in bad shape, but we had fun anyway. On the last day (after three rounds in two days) I'd had enough and declined to play any more so the kids played another round together. It was their favorite thing to do during this visit.

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