Friday, April 18, 2008

Trout Lodge, part I


I worked from home today because Lisa was off yesterday and today. If I go into the office after I drop off the kids, I get in by nine and have to leave by 2 and that's just not worth it. Not that I ever get a real lunch hour, but it's the idea.

AFter I picked up the kids from school, we left for Trout Lodge. We were supposed to pack last night, but Katherine had Zoe over for a play date, and then we went to the park and just about everybody from school was there. Christopher went home with Noah, and Zoe's grandmother came back to the house to pick up Zoe. I was suddenly faced with two girls playing in the backyard and another adult to talk to. It was so much fun that she stayed for half an hour.

After Zoe and her grandmother left, Christopher was not due back for at least another hour and then Aidan came to play with Katherine, and Mary came to hang out with me. After all was said and done it was late, late, late, and nobody had packed anybody.

This morning I woke up the kids by telling them that we still had to pack for Trout Lodge, and it got them up in an instant. They managed to pack most necessities with very little instruction. All I had to do was check their work and close the suitcases.

We had a slight delay in leaving. Once we made it home from school, Christopher immediately took off his shoes and then Katherine followed suit, while I loaded the final items into the van. After we had sorted that out, and determined who would get which snack (and no, they could not have cookies and candy and other stuff, only the things that were already in the back), I told them that I had forgotten to pack games so then they had to find some toys for the 'long' drive. Once we made it all into the car, I realized that I had forgotten to clean the litterbox, and my own drink, and something else that I can't even remember. So, at 3:30 away we went.

It had started to rain and it just got worse as we went farther away from St. Louis. This extended our 1.5 hour drive into almost two hours along highway 21. I decided to take route 21 rather than the 55 to 67 to 21 because I hoped it would be nicer and not much longer. It probably was not much longer but because of the bad weather it wasn't nice at all to drive along a secondary road for 55 miles. The road goes through a lot of little towns and everybody who got on the road was very cautious.

Once we got to Trout Lodge, we had dinner and relaxed the rest of the evening. It stopped raining sometime between dinner and 8PM, and because the 8PM bonfire had started at 7:30 for some reason and so we missed it, we played mini golf instead.


We went to sleep around 9:30 last night and I woke up at my (now) usual time of 4:30...... OK that was not good, but on the other hand we have the early shift for food (there are three shifts for each meal), and so our breakfast started at 7:15.

This morning the kids got to ride the ponies at the Y-Ranch. They started out looking very tentative, but when they came back about 10 minutes Katherine had a big grin on her face. Christopher still looked very serious but he said he had fun so I'll take his word for it.

After lunch we made rockets which we are going to shoot off in about an hour. Both kids have excess energy so I think we'll have to pay a visit to the gym after we shoot off the rockets, which are drying in the room right now.

I forgot to bring a camera, so I bought a disposable one and will add pictures after I get the film developed. There is wireless now throughout the building and that's really nice, especially since the kids don't want to sit in the lobby while I type. But now they're on to my and I promised them they can play Webkinz and I have to keep that promise.

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