Friday, April 11, 2008

Sunday, that was yesterday?

The weeks go by as if there is no time between the weekends. Other single parents will probably recognize this pattern.

Every Sunday the kids and I go through the house and we pick up everything that is loose. They help because I threaten to go through with a garbage bin and 'finish the picking up'. On Mondays a cleaning team comes & does a bunch of stuff such as mopping the floors, vacuuming, scrubbing the bathrooms and whatever else I ask them to do. After they come through the house stays pretty clean until Thursday afternoon when somehow a tornado seems to go through and the place looks like a disaster area.
The floor needs vacuuming, all the horizontal surfaces are covered with homework from last week and art projects from this week, the dining table (dining? We just eat in the kitchen at the island just before we go to gymnastics, or skating, or because we're just plain late with dinner) is covered with colored pencils, the kids room has toys all over it, there are three loads of laundry waiting (didn't I just put away the two I laundered on Monday?), and I can barely close the dishwasher anymore. So, every Thursday I ask Lisa to have the kids pick up so I can vacuum when I get home. Which only happens about once out of two times, so I end up doing it on Friday.

This Saturday our scheduled activities look as follows:
  • 10 AM: Girl Scout April Showers pickup
  • After April Showers, Commissary trip (since it's 45 miles one-way that is a 3-4 hour proposition)
  • Ice skating for pleasure. Now that we are taking lessons, the kids are interested in skating for pleasure.
  • Play bunco at a girlfriend's house on Saturday evening. The children are going to the YMCA Kids night out, and Tracy has agreed to pick them up so I don't have to come home early. Yeah!!
So, all of our leisure time is on Sunday afternoon. I hope. If I don't come up with some hair-brained schedule for that day too..... (maybe I can go work in the yard for a few hours and re-design a flowerbed, or take the kids swimming, or....)

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