Sunday, April 6, 2008

Read, Right, and Run

Back in October both kids came back with the sign-up sheet for the Read, Right and Run event which was to take place in April. Participants would have to run 26 miles, read 26 books, and do 26 good deeds and all of this would be recorded in a notebook. Katherine didn't want to participate, but Christopher was interested, so we signed him up. The notebook came, and I was the only one in the family who had a real interest in it (!). There was also a note that the kids would start running in PE, so the 26 miles was taken care of in school. We did the reading for about a week and I got Christopher to do a couple of good deeds and then the notebook soon disappeared. Christopher likes reading, just not on a schedule.
Last week the registration packet arrived and I figured if I'd quietly put it away I could sleep in on the race day. To no avail. Christopher was all gung-ho to go running. His friend Gwen also was going to participate and that may have had something to do with it.

Christopher and Gwen

It was chilly at 8:15 when we got there. I was glad for the yellow sleeves because all these elementary school kids look alike from a distance.
I had planted Katherine at the bottom of a tree with a drink and a snack. She wasn't too pleased about having to get up early after going to bed late the night before and missing her Saturday morning cartoons and she was happy to sit in one place.

Marching to the start line. I realized after they had started that I should go to the finish line (duh...) to make more pictures. With all the excitement, Katherine's mood had improved, so we hurried to the finish area where we waited for the runners. Because there were three thousand runners, we weren't sure when the Avery runners would come by, but after a few minutes (the run was only a mile) they started trickling in. It was tricky to make pictures with my little camera, so there is a movie of Christopher running by.
(Insert Movie Here.... :-) )

Christopher after he finished.
The reward for running was a goodie bag with healthy things from Whole Foods and other sponsors. I had also bought Christopher a soccer ball, which he enjoyed the rest of the weekend.

Going back to the gathering point. Everything was done in groups, which made management easier. Only a few kids got lost and they were found pretty quick thanks to an efficient staff and PA system.

After the run, we had a little pic-nic at the pavillion in the park. The kids were chasing a goose and I enjoyed the sun for a bit.

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Marjolein said...

Christopher and Gwen look adorable! And I am very proud of my nephew that he run all those miles.

Love Ellie