Tuesday, March 18, 2008

St. Patrick's day

Since we're lucky enough to have actual Irish neighbors.... Scratch that.

Since we're lucky enough to have neighbors of Irish descent who also like to party, each year we have somewhere to go for St. Patrick's day. For those of you who are not familiar with Irish history, St. Patrick was not really Irish but Roman born. He is the patron saint of Ireland, together with Brigid of Kildare (but whoever heard of her?). St. Patrick is credited with banishing snakes from the island, but since the island never had any that cannot have been very hard. Maybe he wrote the white paper on it. The shamrock was a teaching aid for him to teach the heathens of Ireland about the holy Trinity. There is not very much known about St. Patrick, but he left a very nice legacy. Two letters and a nice holiday. (source: Wikipedia, of course!!)

Christopher had a ball playing with this racetrack. He was the littlelest little boy around, and he also had attack of the shy, plus I think he really wanted to spend with me. At any rate, we ended up playing with the track for about 15-20 minutes, after which I was bored and went back to the adults for more wine and conversation. I made some nice pictures of Christopher and his track, though.

After a while, the attack of the shy was over and Christopher went outside to rough-house with the big boys. There were several cousins, and he had a really good time playing with kids a few years older and willing to throw him around. Not once did he cry (I think), although I wasn't really paying attention. I figured that a older boy would come get me if anybody got hurt, which didn't happen.

Katherine spend a lot of time with Molly and Aidan and I have no pictures of them frolicking. They went back and forth between the houses and did as they pleased. they are big enough to do that now (nice, nice, nice....) We all went home around 8 because it was, after all, a schoolnight.

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