Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Sunday

Several times in the last week or two (or three), I was reminded by Katherine and Christopher that they wanted an indoor easter egg hunt. Since we don't have the easter bunny delivering eggs to our house, Mommy had to do it all by herself this year.

On Saturday evening, I went all through the house, trying to make no noise, not even that of a mouse (oh, wait, that's the wrong season), and I placed a high-contrast egg in strategic places. It had to be high-contrast since I still don't have the server fixed and so all I have is the black and white laser printer, which fits neatly next to the computer downstairs, but the pictures are, well, black and white.

I had been a little more cunning than last year (since the kids are growing up so fast), and while the picture of the shoe shelf had the egg in front of the shoes, the actual egg with the next clue was IN one of the shoes. It took them a while to catch on to that, and by then they had innocently thrown the pink boot with the egg in it aside.

My favorite was this picture of Bear-Bear which I made while Christopher was sleeping in the bed above it. Katherine was sleeping with me that night so it was a good opportunity to use her favorite stuffed animal for this purpose. I don't know why Bear-Bear didn't have to sleep with her, maybe she's out growing it?

The final picture was of the gift bags sitting on the freezer (but it didn't look this clear in BW), and the kids figured out fairly soon that it was the basement in the picture.

The funny thing was that they both trapsied down the basement stairs & walked right past the freezer & their Easter bags (even though they were leftover Christmas bags) and started looking all over the basement.

Here you can see Katherine comparing the clue picture against what was on the wall.

Luckily they figured it out and pretty soon two happy children walked back upstairs with their Easter bags.

Posing with their new kites.

After our egg hunt at home the kids wanted to go to church. Which is unusual because I told them there would be no Sunday School and they would have to sit with me during the service and be quiet, and get up for the hyms, and it would be boring. But the easter egg hunt pushed all of that to the background and they wanted to hunt for eggs. I put some activity kits together and Lynn also made mini Etch-A-Sketches available and between all that they were fine during the service. I only had to grab Christopher's neck twice to make him get up, and Katerine only had to be reminded once (after seeing me grab her brother's neck, so that may have triggered her memory....), and overall they did pretty well. I enjoyed having them there.

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