Friday, March 28, 2008

Easter Monday

On Easter Monday we all took it easy. I worked for a few hours in the early morning, but once the kids woke up I quit work and we enjoyed a very nice day together.

This is how my work week has been, I start work at 5:30 and work until the kids wake up and then I quit until Lisa can get here. Getting up that early was difficult at first, but now I'm getting used to it and I wake up my customary 3 minutes before the alarm clock. My commute has improved, down from much longer, to a trip down the stairs. I could get used to this. When Lisa gets here, I go upstairs because it's nicer to be in a room by myself than to be distracted every few minutes with a household (read: kid) issue. Overall this schdule has worked out well for us. On Tuesday and Thursday I worked all day as Lisa was able to come over all day, and on Wednesday and today I take a nice, very long lunch break of about 6 hours.

On Monday we took the kites for a spin, or is it for a fly?
It was pretty chilly, maybe in the 40's and so I didn't mind too much that the wind didn't really cooperate. It would blow for a bit, and then die down again. We hads loads of fun though.

I had brought a pic-nic lunch with us to go to the the zoo once we were done kite flying. There was not that much wind, but it was nice and sunny and there was enough wind for the kites to stay up for a few minutes at a time so overall it was a nice experience.

This year is the year of the frog at the St. Louis zoo, and there are frogs everywhere. These two little statues were new and they looked very cheerful. I'm sure they are life-like. There were some pretty bright specimens that are on display and several of them are really as brightly colored as the ones in the pictures. Katherine was about to loose another tooth, and she could not stop playing with it. She looked like Nanny McPhee a lot of the time.

After we visited the children's indoor zoo, we went through the tunnel and I was finally able to capture the kids with their heads poking through the otter display. Usually they're like otters: too fast to capture the moment.

We did all our favorite things and of course we took a train ride. We wanted to get off at the Mary Go Round, but that station was temporarily closed to to tree trimming in the area. Which was a bummer because I had promised the kids a ride and we were all getting tired, and now we had to walk back from the next station. I think I was the only one who regretted it because the kids hopped happily along. It's tricky to make good pictures of a running Mary Go Round and I didn't get a nice one of Katherine, but I snapped this of Christopher.

Our final picture in front of the entrance. We took a picture of an out-of-area family (those who can't visit the zoo every two weeks for an hour) and Christopher then asked them to make a picture of us as well, which they gladly did.

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Marjolein said...

Wonderfull pictures, the kids looked great as otters :o) And the last one was also good, you all really look good. I still enjoy reading the blog.

Love your sister