Sunday, March 2, 2008

More Phone and Grocery Shopping

On Friday morning, I went back to the AT&T store & the rep who helped me on Thursday immediately walked up to me to help me. I thought that was very positive. I had just gotten a page from the system that my number could not be confirmed & so I still did not have a working cellphone. I was ready for a new number.

The only trouble was that AT&T does account numbers by phone numbers and in this case they had sold the hide before they had shot the bear. They didn't own the number yet.

The rep was on the phone for almost an hour, being shuttled from department to deparment. Although a nuicance, it warmed my heart that a) he was willing to do this for a customer to whom he had not sold a phone, and b) that their own employees still do not have a magic carpet to service. OK, that last bit is some black humor but when I think of my dsl woes when I was still an employee it's funny to see that some things don't change.
At any rate, after an hour I had a working cellphone and so far AT&T has a new customer who is happy with the customer service she received.
On Saturday we went to Scott Airforce Base to go grocery shopping. The kids were not too excited about getting up early, but I figured that since it was the first of the month the place would be a zoo by noon. I was right, but by then we were on our way out, so it didn't bother me to see the whole parking lot full because we were parked close to the door on account that we had been there since 9:30 AM.

Before we went I told the kids that Daddy wants to see more pictures and handed Katherine the camera. She enthousiastically snipped away and this is cutest pic she made of her brother. Others were either the classic Off-With-Your-Head, or too dark.

At the parking lot I snapped a picture of the kids jumping out of the car. Christopher is attacking Katherine with a turtle.
Below you can see that the sideboard hasn't changed much since you left. I let the kids convince me that the easter bunnies were a good idea. They will round out their baskets nicely, so Easter Mommy is done for the year.
Christopher wants another treasure hunt to find the loot.

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qFox said...

Ahw my dear nephew and niece :D It's been a while since I've seen recent photo's of them.

- Peter