Tuesday, March 4, 2008

8 inches -- It's a snow day!!

There was a winter storm warning last night where they predicted between and 8 inches of snow. All day yesterday it was cold, blustery and in the afternoon it started to sleet. When I came home, the handles of the trash containers were covered with a layer of ice and it was a long, cold walk up the driveway because (of course) I had forgotten to take gloves.
This morning there still wasn't much snow, and I was hoping they would not call it a snow day, but at 6:40 the phone rang and it was the automated principal who hoped that this would not inconvenience us too much but Webster Groves was calling a snow day. Oh well.

It started snowing pretty good around 10 or so and by 1 o'clock there was a good 4 inches of snow. Katherine went sledding with the neigbor kids while Christopher stayed home with me. He was very subdued all day and I let him play computer games. He got his fill of that and at two o'clock I called it quits and went to play outside with him. By then there probably was 7 or 8 inches. We cleared the front sidewalk together, he with a borrowed truck (Kyle's), and I with the snow shovel. Since the snow was very light, it wasn't a hard thing to do.

He also made a snow angel

Katherine came home and I had her borrow a sled from the neigbors and I dragged both of them back to the Deer Creek park hill. No picture of that, of course.

Since Katherine already had her fill of sledding, she sat with a couple of young people and a dog, eating cookies and drinking juice, while I watched Christopher zoom down the hill forwards, backwards, sideways, and upside down. He is not shy and he got several of the bigger kids to drag his sled back up the hill a couple of times.

In the end they both had fun. Here is a silent video I took with my camera (which does not do sound). The video was Katherine's idea.
When we came back Tracy and Mary came over for our weekly excercise hour and we did a 20-minute backcare tape, which helped me not become stiff and sore all over from dragging slightly more than 100 pounds of kid to the park and back.

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Marjolein said...

Great, even a littel movie with comment. I envy you with the snow. We still did not get any.

Love your sister with a weird account.