Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Still Adjusting

On Sunday we went to church and then Christopher had a playdate with Daniel. With the new baby, they no longer have room in their car for an addition car seat so I dropped Christopher off and later on picked him up. Lucky it's only a little ways away and nowadays I always have enough errands to run so I can combine picking up the child with something or other. After we dropped him off Katherine and I went to The Home Depot where we wondered around until I found a dowel, s-hooks, and the hardware to mount it into the heater cabinet in the kitchen. I will try to post a picture. In the last week I also have re-arranged the kitchen cabinet, and the basement (no pictures yet of that venture), and we now have more room in both places. The trash bin was definitely not full, except with the 5 neon bulbs I told you about. I am dropping off the lamps this week at the recycle place on Manchester so we're not putting nasty stuff in the landfill. I did 3 loads of laundry today, although I still have to fold the last one. It feels like I did 5 instead. The kids and I worked on a 'I'm a Star' chart to help them remember that behaving good gets you rewards and not behaving good gets you nothing. Christopher had to sit alone at dinner tonight because I had asked him twice to set the table (Katherine had unloaded the dishwasher by herself), and he had ignored me. I then told him that he needed to go upstairs and he would not be allowed to eat with us. I didn't have the heart to leave him upstairs for the whole time, so I put him on the little table and would not talk to him. After dinner we sat down with the three of us and designed the chart. The rewards are: MOre computer playtime (christopher wanted this one), candy (Katherine wanted this one), eating pizza for 1 night, or 5c per star (I put this one in) After we did this I told them they could each earn three stars by going upstairs & doing the goin-to-bed routine without me having to ask more than once. It worked!! I'm pretty stoked about that. tomorrow I'll talk to Lisa about it. Right now it only has: No backtalking to Lisa on it, but she may want one or two more items on the list. Margaret PS: I can only add 1 picture to this blog, and I don't have the software on this machine to combine pictures. Tomorrow. I have laundry to fold and lunch boxes to make.

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